Can I be an Agile Coach — always and forever?

There is no incentive to be an agile thinker for middle management.

Middle management has no incentive to be agile thinkers and doers. The corporate ladder is real, and if financial growth is only rewarded when middle managers climb the ladder, they will always try to retain this structure and not break it.

Agile Coaches who can drive change are hard to find

When you associate for a longer term with an organisation, there is a lot you can do with the connections and deeper understanding of the context you develop. Things a contractor might never be able to do.

I have been an Agile coach for some time now. What next?

I am still an Agile Coach at heart and will continue to be.

Can I be an (internal) Agile Coach forever?

We can remain agile coaches in our hearts forever but not always as a role title.

The Wrap

Being an Agile coach is not just about a role title but about effecting positive change, and you can be the torchbearer of that change in whatever role you play. You can be an Agile Coach forever if not always!



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